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Frankfurt - Manila

We’re not a large company. We cherish a personal and close relationship with all our clients. At the same time we are an international team that complements each other. We market our flagship product COCOS Professional both in Europe and more recently also in the booming Philippine market. 

Our stand on the Asian Food Expo (AFEX) 2015
Our stand on the Asian Food Expo (AFEX) 2015

Our story

We are developing ERP systems for 25 years already. Most of our clients are small to medium sized companies with an annual turnover from a few million Euros to several hundreds of millions of Euros. We value a close and trusted relationship. With us you are never a number. We are not bureaucrats. When something goes wrong we are by your side to help. Any of our clients can and will confirm this.


When started our development department in the Philippines in 2002, originally as an experiment, but by now we have built a solid basis and learned to appreciate the advantages of working with our developers in the Philippines. Our developers in the Philippines have a first class education and are technically well versed. The comparatively attractive salary level allows us to save on development cost. But more recently the Philippine economy is growing fast and the country now has become an interesting market for us. In 2015 we were represented on the Asian Food Expo (AFEX) for the first time.


We have invested two decades of experience in the food industry in our newest ERP system; COCOS. Technically we have based it on the leading development and database platforms.


We hope that you too would decide to make your business even more successful with COCOS.



Our mission

With our software solutions we hope to contribute to more transparency and safety in the food chain.


We aim to be leading in batch traceability and keep improving our software. Seamless batch tracking

should not be limited to large corporations but should be available to all food producing companies, regardless of their size.