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Made for the Food industry

 COCOS combines the best of our extensive experience that we have built up over the years in making software for the food industry.


It’s developed on a modern, future-proof platform with the latest techniques.


With the highly scalable MS SQL Server database management system there’s virtually no limit to the capacity and performance.

Strong in traceability

 The COCOS batch tracking system, which has been praised numerous times by certification auditors, raises your business to a new level of data insight.


Comprehensive batch information only a mouse click away!


In the realm of batch handling, COCOS has a distinct advantage over comparable systems.


COCOS supports today already the future requirements for the food industry.

ready for the future

COCOS supports you in your continuous strive to improve your quality and to rationalize your business.


With the comprehensive statistics you will be able to easily identify and improve weaknesses in your business processes.

With COCOS’s electronic data

interchange features you are able to exchange data with both your customers and your suppliers and in addition you’re automating your data entry and auditing



With COCOS you’re taking a leap forward!

7 good reasons to choose COCOS

While talking about all COCOS’s features on food safety and batch tracking we would almost forget that COCOS is also just a very good ERP system, which provides you with all functionality and more that you may expect from a modern ERP system. To list all features here would be too much, but we would like to draw your attention to a few that really stand out and will help you to give you an edge over the competition.


The bottom line for every enterprise is of course to create more sales and profit and save on cost at the same time. And of course you also want to do business in a responsible and law-abiding way. In all these factors COCOS supports you.

1. Materials Resource Planning (MRP)

Especially in the food industry a good materials resource planning is valuable. This is where you earn or lose money. It’s important to strike a balance between economical

purchasing of larger quantities and the risk of an expiring inventory.


COCOS offers a very clear and easy to understand materials resource planner that shows you per item as a colored bar on a time line when an item will get low on stock and needs to be reordered or produced. You’ll see at a glance all important data such as current stock position, average sales or usage, etc.


COCOS enables you to reorder straight from your MRP screen with just a few clicks. For goods that you produce yourself you can just as easily create a production order.  


2. Just-in-time (JIT) production

When customer orders come in at all hours of the day and these need to be produced

fresh within 12-24 hours, then a comprehensive overview and a good organization

is a requirement.


The tabular overview in the COCOS JIT production planning is a valuable tool to help you with this. With a few clicks quantities can be increased when new orders come in, or reduced when orders get cancelled.


For the production crew, the work orders are printed with barcode so that with

one scan and without any typing, the order appears on the screen of their mobile computer, complete with a complete list of all ingredients and their quantities that need to be picked. These lists are easy to understand,

completed picks are color coded to indicate that they’re done. Your production crew sees at a glance what still needs to be done. Even under the most hectic conditions, nothing will get lost.


3. Barcode system for real-time movement of goods

A GS1-128 barcode contains besides the item identification also additional information such as batch identification, unit and expiry date.


All your goods (or their container) is labeled with such a barcode and every movement, whether it’s picking, moving from one warehouse to another, etc. is preceded with a simple and quick scan so that you always have real time information about your inventory position. This barcode makes it not just quick and easy to identify the product, it also eliminates errors.


This is not just a requirement for seamless batch tracking, but also provides you with a host of other advantages:

  • Registering batches is real fast and easy, no matter how long or complex the batch identification is. This saves you a lot of time and makes your staff more productive.
  • Because posting the transaction in the database at exactly the same time as the goods are being moved, your system will show the current situation at any time, all the time.
  • Your batch tracking is of unsurpassed quality because data entry mistakes cannot happen.
  • You will have a transparency and data quality that will surely impress you. On top of that; COCOS offers you all points of view that are relevant to your industry:
  • You can see your current stock position per item, per item/unit, and also per batch or expiry date.
  • COCOS warns you in advance for goods that are about to expire.


4. Tracing food items and their ingredients

With COCOS you will be able to fulfill your legal requirements regarding batch

registration and tracking without breaking a sweat. Just a few clicks and you

produce all reports and documents that authorities and auditors require.


When a recall is necessary an easy to understand wizard guides you through the



Many corporate clients and retail chains will only accept deliveries from suppliers with a proper batch tracking system and require GS1-128 labeling of all deliveries. Under pressure of consumer groups this trend will only get stronger and so will the certification requirements.


Don’t see batch tracking as a burden, but look at it as an opportunity to positively distinguish yourself from your competition, as a marketing tool. This investment will pay for itself because you will attract more and bigger customers. 


5. Integrated quality management

Processing claims and complaints is often looked at as something negative, something we’d rather forget. But in fact it is a constantly growing source of valuable information about quality of your service.


Therefore we say; take advantage of this valuable information to improve and streamline your organization. A consistent entry and classification of all claims and complaints helps you to find your weaknesses and improve them. COCOS allows you to register these fast and easy and will take care of all the necessary cross links automatically.


COCOS will provide you with detailed information about the number of complaints per customer, per product, per employee, etc. and shows if the numbers are improving or deteriorating over time. Since claims result often in returns, the barcode labelling makes it easy to identify the product, the delivery, the involved staff members, etc.


And COCOS can take care of the resulting processes (warehouse transactions, credit notes, etc.). You decide whether or not you accept the complaint, but when you do, COCOS will take care of everything that results from this complaint, through rules that are clearly defined and exactly comply with your corporate policies.


On top of that, COCOS provides you with all reports and statistics on your supply chain, such as quality indicators of your suppliers, their deliveries, their punctuality and their reliability. These according to HACCP guidelines, which you can extend wherever you feel it’s prudent.


6. Success monitoring with dashboards and statistics

Monitoring is important when running a business. With COCOS you always have a clear

overview on your company’s results, whether it’s about financial results, service quality, inventory, etc.


COCOS provides you with several dashboards that provide you with status information at a glance. With clear graphs and summaries. On top of that, a score of statistics provide you with the most detailed information. All information can be shown from many different perspectives and criteria.




7. Certification of your company


When you are already certified, you will know that auditors not only look at the technical side of your processes, but also at the quality of the data and information that result from your business processes.


COCOS provides you with all required information, fast and accurate. With just a push of a button you can document your excellence.

  • Goods receiving with HACCP grades
  • Complaints and claims
  • Batch tracking
  • Supplier grading

Certification auditors love the batch traceability that COCOS provides. All our

clients have always received the highest marks. With COCOS you have the best

prerequisite to achieve a higher level certification.


Enter the Champions League !