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After more than a decade of practical experience with batch tracking in the food industry, we see ourselves as experts in this particular area. A really good batch tracking system is no small feat. Good batch management consists mainly in how mistakes are being

recognized, corrected and prevented.


If you would like to be consulted on batch traceability and management, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to suggest possible concepts and answer your questions.


COCOS Implementation

Implementing a new ERP system is usually a substantial project that requires good planning and preparation.


When you decide to implement COCOS in your organization, we will sit down together with you and go through all your business processes and see how COCOS will be implemented. We depend on your input for us to be able to make a complete plan.


A proper implementation plan costs time and money. A bad plan, or even worse, no plan, costs even more time and more money.


The size of the investment really depends on the number and complexity of your business processes. Some providers of ERP systems try to hide these efforts and costs and show websites with amazing low costs, but we will tell you honestly and in advance.

Also in this area we believe in transparency.



Licences: Buy or Lease

You have the option to buy COCOS licenses at a one-time fee, or to lease them including a service agreement at a monthly fee.


Leasing the licenses protects your liquidity and at the same time you’ll enjoy our support and service agreement and stay current with the latest software updates.



Software Maintenance and Support

An ERP system is a complex product. An ERP system for the food industry even more.


For such a system you require reliable support, regular maintenance and updates and continuous development to keep the software in line with the latest industry and legal requirements.


Therefore we advise you to avail of a support and maintenance agreement. Such an agreement includes assistance whenever you need help, fixing problems and bugs, improvements on the functionality of the program, adaptation of legal requirements, etc.