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COCOS in trading companies

“KRONE GMBH is one of the leading enterprises in Germany in trading fish and gourmet. Our success is based on hard work and a consistent focus on quality. Top quality food products is the very core of KRONE. We combine unequalled taste with the highest level

of food safety. We achieve this by carefully selecting sustainable ingredients and consistently monitor the entire production chain.


With our ERP system COCOS we elevated the traceability of our products to the highest level of quality. All movements of our goods are supported by barcode tracing in real time with mobile computers. COCOS has been tailored perfectly to our business processes. COCOS assists our warehouse staff by FIFO control and specifies the batches with an expiry date to the customers’ specification while picking sales orders.


On top of that we daily satisfy the high demands of our corporate clients by labelling our shipments with precise batch information as well as electronic data interchange. COCOS already manages to process 90% of our sales orders, remittance advices and sales invoices though EDIFACT. Also on the purchase side we have implemented electronic invoice reception and automatic checking against our goods receipts.


Thanks to COCOS we will remain to satisfy the highest demands on traceability and data quality and to take advantage of potential efficiency improvements.”


Lars Knobloch, managing director KRONE GMBH

(This is a translation. The original German text can be found here)



COCOS in production companies

“Vaupel is synonymous with quality and freshness. We produce on a daily basis, potato products, salads and vegetable mixes, as well as fruit mixes and fruit salads from the finest and freshest ingredients. On top of that we also produce tasty gourmet salads and supply our customers with numerous trade food products. Company cafeterias, hospital kitchens, university canteens, restaurants and bistros appreciate the unsurpassed quality and freshness of our kitchen-ready products.


Our motivation is to become better every day. With our IFS certification and the implementation of COCOS we have invested in our future and elevated our company to an even higher level of quality and safety. With the new barcode system, in combination with detailed real-time posting of all goods movements we now have the best batch tracking in the industry. Today we already comply with future GS1 recommendations. This shows our customers that we take our promise of quality seriously and reinforce the confidence that our customers have in our products.


The IFS auditors are frequently enthused by our batch tracking system. The consistent GS1-128 labelling, and the seamless batch tracking, even in multi stage production processes, always get the highest grades.


The flexibility of COCOS allows us to remain in full control of our diverse production methods. COCOS supports our production staff perfectly with formula specifications in the desired precision and monitors the completeness of the ingredients. With the production planning we manage daily over a hundred Just-In-Time production runs. The brilliantly easy Material Resource Planning allows us to make sure that our inventory position is always perfect.


The implementation of COCOS was the right move. With this system we are at the top level and always have all information available. Real-time dashboards show us continuously where we stand with regard to our processes. We can export all reports to Excel.

Furthermore COCOS provides us with special reporting for Quality Management, which is a clear advantage to us at the annual IFS audit.


COCOS is our IT backbone. MyBusinessSoft made it so flexible and customized it to our daily processes that we can provide our customers perfect service on a daily basis.


With COCOS we have a leading-edge solution for our company, and with MyBusinessSoft we have the right partner on our side.”


Thorsten Kraushaar, manager Vaupel Kartoffelprodukte GmbH


(This is a translation. The original German text can be found here)